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tv   European Journal  PBS  March 2, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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research makes the network roo and new guru the day thx. two. the knee on the day today. oh we get treated at the mine didn't happen. optus added that the trying that next time the country into an out of bounds on. that sunday guess i'll miss the fine in that action. in contrast when the guests did they not independent and on that base despite pressure from the islam this when i get on
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the links to extremist a baucus time. in the end none of these on as the supply of services tiki and i end up this time view dvds media said to be a full scale for democracy. but today the sun is on this planet for giving in to pressure from nine is to show me their houses by the selectors said censorship what is going on that for expressing an opinion. this being a steady upsurge in attacks on them to houses and doing this. notably the fighting in the us but also a little too stunned at the end of the cds. so many new books on it but it was forced to concede that the restraints of its decency of its employees asked him to be seen to date and other newspapers and television sunday. it had not seen
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the common man. last month it was decided that no criticism of the audubon are likely to use the well paced and hectic with all four gospels in a safe distance events company to a community focused on how to fill the void. not just of our league and practice done and said that they have now won and this beep but expressed the view we each had to and it's beeping cute and we care about a month. pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility and use it as a message to the media that god is going to be the great things are going to be if the media. i'm keen you are still on. if it decides that a band and its activities. no time. it shows seven it means that she was the girl looked up at him and the green. i recorded off the team i'm on the offense and his son. and now it is becoming even on a sect of islam that that that ibanez not to say the media and the odds. but this kind
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of an incident of keating and jamie responsive and itchy it is still any machine i use to me dun show it to except it's not. and down and that's happening but they did it on the speedboat which is then given a private stock to four years ago the beaches are the ten unemployed most of the shoes and shootings. you know may just be guaranteed a stance on time. it didn't say that again this morning. not so my sister the other papers or so i've had them meet the organization's and ma'am much is heard and not yet known. these anti government to screen tv and get this what does this teach you mean about this when we get is under so much. they showed media has not turned out to do list but things didn't work. the new organization
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cannot have this you know my own security team on its era since then. max is going on so i missed the steve moore was in bidding for me it's going to come they need to keep it also shows as a sinner yet. and the middle east. the shine off of a sunny one million in one of the civilian government and it didn't die in the months to the hussein admitted sandy's of a dead disliking development at the wedding is that in the months and i do not go for dance. it's not surprising then to the list of countries that some countries in the one this season in its twenty four to the ward off his tongue was nice at times in fifty eighth position. it was that it was interesting that injustice and focused on. it seems
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mildly this again snow with the dotted line. these and other armed forces but also the nudity of the texas based international silver is described as a student of the state said in court i still the fourth district court is boosted by strong as it did in the states he says to you. some onion then you can see expediency. so this is contingent on inside me says masri media feed him this way. in many regions especially in beirut just on and on sunday. this means it has been disciplined for good showing this to investigate and report them to safety media in our case the nice not to be one. the support is all but the mind will definitely wasn't me. and freedom of the test. but focused on president that to a cottage. the demo can be
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forces in caucus time should also stop or media media action on its hefty them on italy's based on democracy that is tall poppies time and focused on president. mission of our city purported you invest in the mud as these are the main display device that. in botany. written on the successful or in pakistan thanks to mr the washing little puppy sons pristine and hussein had made and show what a day teaching office concert on sunday since he has now moved on. that the government does that mean i like the druid of media information office. what the establishment and includes painting i made for the media. he meets the ceiling so how on the basement. this time in nineteen seventy one were to become an independent country i smiled when he got this
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light snacks from not needing to my insomnia and the islamists. i received support from the government if she can see not many understand that society has on me and i made these beads in the country. mistaking this unsightly and need the money government has been shot and money that has not gone down the pot as optus on the media. many of the need to tune into college and the two towns in nineteen sixteen and conducive atmosphere for the media back onto the tv switching back into government. time to stitch a casino in adhd daddy to get audit east of the team to nana's. today the new slogan for the media has also created a tension between members and supporters of the content the c i clung to the his paci one hand and those of italy of money on the other. the bnp engine on the semi condit have attempted to attack the media and tried to get that it's moist. the media has defused in the crowd don't. they can
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be entered in the sunday defeat since the second necessary team practice and its formation is seventh on the basis of an inch and a few. so it seems nobody keeps me focused on believe me its location and it's even knew she and mom liked it when daddy t of the cottage cheese in practice the new palestinian government that it had been making just a day of polling. you have i said just end up with a chance of beating the new justice issues. now you have what the pentagon i set the meats and parents. do i mean this is so good that didn't need be. and that means you know politics does have a baby gone. as the psyche. so i mostly be used into my houston had. once he got hit by pitch the cheese so has an
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interesting one for the media in the mideast. in nineteen seventy one war crime trials and the show. this contributed to this task. if a democracy. seeded knights and send it to the surrounding hills and winding offensive ones. these thus this and sixteen in the hope it's the last scene in minutes the incidents can walk under it and when it is still on the ei his teaching i need to know the media in the country into effect in march and it was not on my knees. he's also one aspect but bubble of the situation is different from focus on. i ended. the appeal of that this never ending that didn't involve one of these acts he was in a focused on a tiny bump that book on monday renewed never read it in buckets on in the black days because bob bob gates has a
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strong meds and defeated them not as good a mother to cease maintained. i'm a pc and institutionalized lead in the match. he's really the needy and whiny and as such it must mean the above occasions in the last few days the present. kosmina has expanded in the us and its crew were the thousands that tonight continued mission stations and radio stations it's not me. ufos while standing on the beach. i'm not the puppets the nation and me makes me me being individually painted on a stick thingy duffy them the government must never forget. and among many see me jumping up reading this and can anyone believe in auckland in democratic bodies in the country. during that time i'm thinking any minute
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it seems i'm getting a lot and don't want that that's what i do not in the coming episodes. thank you for wanting to be extended. i do you do. low. it is. little
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it is. low. it is. the eye
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the eye. the acolytes. what cannot be abolished. what's not. the main sights on. us guiding us into the drop off all its troubles on the spelling. i bought a chance to anyone of consulate has been eased into the nest on. and chinese foreign minister makes a surprise visit to the thoughtless time the united states would
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withdraw all troops from a gun is done by the end of the up and he's been on the eighth by that term security agreement. obviously that means on science. we have reports. we've seen is the us prison to knock obama has to attend couldn't get it then put them into one of only fools to him on a stunt by the end of the year into the unknown a biometric security of payment the means and signed with the white shell spokesman jay carney said. obama can read the message was gonna come to us home it was i in a food court unfair duty twenty fifth. lucy is obama to win a sign that washington when i open the possibility of going to redeem the bse that a contest on me to this yet but the brutal in his duty to family night he becomes that any force twenty fourteen ers mission. maybe someone in a husky and ambition. the fact that president karzai has indicated that it is unlikely he will sign the us means
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that if he doesn't sign it it is. it is possible that a successor afghan government might sign it but that pushes us later in the year in the longer we go. without a signed peace. the essay that by necessity the more narrow in size and ambition the mission for a post twenty fourteen force would be. us defence secretary john egan said the defense department they've done for brooke and wanted you to join as well as continue planning for u s participation in need own admission focused on training advising and assisting up on security forces. the by election security agreement would keep about ten thousand us troops in a contest on in the support or if mccain is karzai has objected to us many key tactics in his countryof khan homes and said he was shown in table for dida with audubon minute and therefore it is sighing
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the obama administration has tricked into too many americans needed to do it entirely if the accord is not signed. cuz i know it would have said that his success session on saturday to try and attack them honest on bullets and a chance to spring. the decision of president karzai to indicate that it is unlikely. the deal signed in the essay that his government negotiated this is obviously his decision but it's not because we haven't made clear it off the side the stead of criticism off a bomb on the ac has been detached on the issue. yes the white tiles publicized accord between obama and his id was june. but the white house push back against these issues that obama has to be forcefully enough on the show many of the divine insight and attack on the checkpoint in eastern afghanistan. king twenty one still exists and that deadliest single incident for the applied on
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the unit needs to get that taken out. few details to a few months allegiance to god to guide one attack on the outpost was heading the cost of logistical financial means i'm on a street in bludgeoning focused on taxes don't be a strong for the dotted line. i have an intense six soldiers were missing after a minute and small sticky is so unfair to a twenty two and on the security forces. on defense minister explain the more homely attended the funeral and the only other tropical fish and accept the company to continue its fight against the tiny blonde. it is a good deal. so the only nation i was a kid. although they do it on youtube. david is
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possible not that simple the only official. we did hall. i met one of the japanese. steve testy attended the funeral and still is i was there. stone oh i need the show i am not in setting up its gonna be a big issue is so not to try it out. our honor. laugh when he shot by margaret thatcher the company tests and the enforcement of the india but the pre dawn attack to peace. she visited the tulips chief of stuff seem like the new one. he is so it would not be punished. we were there to tidy it get mad just to sit in bed. and iain is ready to fight back and in fact that in spite of going on today because the wii since yesterday. it is getting that katie had they
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were conducting clearing operations. and as a desire to get caught in a two day mini mimi's and death captured weapons and for a different region. and lou whitaker time at the time he did this. the iam bbc might cause to find the street said tb is afforded to buy him on this gorgeous cake insurgents to teach the beast and fuselage is. saddam out of somebody on your possible somersault. get your autograph. c r nevada montana is there but never did. some of the song on the mall nobody is opposite to them all in an available spot on funny how starbucks or outside the capital for the table and the side of the phenomena of a faded as the today show. you're the full flush of love. this
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close to getting synchronized this comic is i would of been fishing on. thus far to still long he made a surprise visit on every twenty seconds to nida scott bought enough thought a sponge that i can post my knee. we have reports china urged its name implies punch in the sink she was admitted to the situation to its own when one faked. don't you go. fatah. what a shithole the future. giovanni change. you can call it george bush. she doesn't quit. we're short on which we all should free up time. it will go forward on a hot chick christian walk. long john. she changes. tell me i'm cute but after going into it. part two of the johnstone said to me. the change
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wanting to sue the. a huge change. job. duke. lance was it comes at a time of transition for the promised son. as you listen denied troops patrol ahead of me getting dead dying as a concept that one e predictions that contained the country its first knew he didn't since two thousand and one. china has been stepping up its engagement with other decent days in dc months when it comes to the nice time meeting the stick in that state the concerns that need to killer quick fix to beat a team that country it's good to be all went into china is just a fun destination of xinjiang. he was issued. georgie who could see to it. once the shooter would you choose i could even be from one place to be shoot the. she got. you sort
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it all. george if he wanted as of august on his mood to study connections. the sahib on. they show no signs of announcing its he'll get it done and eight. on sunday manson is it me onto one disc or economic potential of the nice time despite the insecurity that has pitted foreign investment the source country china is keen to invest in a gun to school because it's what as much as one can enjoy this these darn us pentagon estimates. no heart of god as god has sent many affected parent food and other basic amenities in the country. god is gonna happen existing significant increases in cinematic christian among children. take a look despite years of international morning and the use of delisting money tv eat the country's severe in the new teaching he says
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having piece by piece fifty percent. return to drive. add the bourse was that it can mean most pitiful voice to his name callings and financed by france ninety eight. no one commented on an icy she joked as we go for dance the distinctive with its cars and sit in for meditation on stamp with the funny or six ks and looked at the tv. my reasons for the season meaning to stuart. most doctors and even physically. at twenty one and if you see a piece of pumpkin into practice. the region that i'm huge on me. how i met in the milk though its side is open we did he not been shown to you. for those who move out of it she buys them a busy busy day so some top level. my oh so does the north of the season. bike use to play in the monarchy one species to you too would pull a name checked in on itself was from the new teaching to be a new morning
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up at cedars got infection that can be feed to keep the sas flight plane fly field fence. something needs to clean number is of type b since stated that more one of khan's and learning about the name of benefit to them but closer to each of conditions which will begin in coming to maxine anyone outside was too funny. alston had three different street dpp promote nutrition and health care. the kitchen. i love to get in on base the game. and didn't say honey bees item on tv we found was that. it doesn't have a good cause it didn't this is one of them was whining pieces of his time and did any indication or even traveling to speed it is too extreme. he says. well if
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you wait. in the shia. we've been looking and community education. but commodities in the second son from him is that it's. since the house into the us agency for its massive development sees a test and was seven hundred meetings list on this one hence the need to eat for a date stamp on this time hollywood oaks is his seat none of the key test needs to be played. what we come to the end of this week's episode of god is not what i am what is not seeking any we will be back next week with more news and views from a fight is done that bought and put them up
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